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Jessica McKenzie


I’ve been using the Rose quartz eye mask and I’m thrilled with the results! Not only has it decreased my under eye puffiness, but it’s so soothing and relaxing that I’ve actually never slept better!! I use it morning and night and it’s now an essential part of my day.

Sandy Perceval


I just love the Rose Quartz eye mask I actually have two! I use one in my beauty studio for my clients & one for my own personal use.The quality is absolutely beautiful.These eye masks are super relaxing the benefits are endless. I Highly recommend that you try one.

Zoe Hadley


I am absolutely in love my my Rose Quartz eye mask. I use it personally to take a moment to relax and drift off to a peaceful nap aswell as using the eye mask for my facial clients & lash lift clients. Everybody loves this mask that comes into The Pink Room.

Tonya B


Will be using this rose quartz eye mask for the rest of my life. Best investment I’ve made for my tired eyes! Popping this mask on after a long day in front of computer screen feels like heaven. So relaxing! I also use this mask in the morning when I wake up with puffy eyes. The storage bag is super cute as well. Love the quality!

Emily Corniola


such beautiful & feminine products. I absolutely love using the rose quartz eye mask on myself and my clients in their facials, they are so soothing on tired eyes.

Laura Listro


I have the SelfAmour rose quartz eye roller and the eye mask and wow they make a difference! Every morning and night I use my roller with my skincare products and my face is glowing by the end of it! I had an eye irritation the other day (hay fever) and I sat with the mask on for 10-15 mins and they were so much better! Love my products 🥰

Emilee Allen


This is one of the most beautiful masks I have used! The rose quartz really helps do de-puff my eyes and also assists with reducing the excess fluid in my face. Honestly one of the most perfect self-care tools I have used!

Bianca Gabriel


Great quality and guaranteed no rust which is what you can expect from such a great quality brand 💕

Sharee Hargreaves


I purchased a Rose Quartz eye mask & used it last night before I went to sleep……WOW!! The puffiness under my eyes had reduced & I felt instant calm and total bliss. Love, love, love!!! As a massage therapist I truly feel that my clients are going to benefit from this amazing product when I use it during their treatment.I look forward to sharing the Rose Quartz love with so many 🙏🏼💞

Dianne Kelly

Am loving the Facial Reflexology and Sculpting Gua Sha! Easy ordering, great customer service - will definitely shop through them again. Great,easy to follow information on how to use it correctly. Beautifully packaged!

Beth Smith


Amazing quality products. They also arrive in the cutest packaging!

Chloe Cahill

Beautiful Gua Shua stone and great customer service! 5*

Christine Corbett

This has been a beauty addition to my crystal collection. It has helped de-puff my eyes in the morning. The quality and design is amazing. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to purchase the eye mask



The Rose quartz eye mask and gua sha have been amazing! I love to pop on the eye mask first thing in the morning to refresh my tired eyes, and I’ve seen such an incredible difference in having a more contoured looking face using the gua sha! They’re both in my daily routine and I’m OBSESSED!

Amy Johnston

@the_self_care_mummyFollow Back

I am absolutely loving my self care products from SelfAmour and now that I am using them I don't think I could live without.
I need to hide my Rose Quartz Eye Mask from my daughter because she loves it as much as I do.

Aimee Everson


Seriously the most beautiful rose quartz pieces I love them all 😻

Brittany Williams


Love this rose quartz face mask, it feels so nice and luxe on and leave my eyes feeling less puffy and it’s so calming and soothing on.

Emilee Allen

This is one of the most beautiful masks I have used! The rose quartz really helps do de-puff my eyes and also assists with reducing the excess fluid in my face. Honestly one of the most perfect self-care tools I have used!

Mez Gallifuoco


I am OBSESSED with the mask and the roller. Feels so luxe to set the oils in at night and take 10 minutes to relax around the chaos. Mask is super high quality and the resin handle of the roller makes it way more durable than my old one. Love!

Tanya Bell


Amazing self love/care products! Great information on how to use them correctly and such a quick turn around in delivery! They were amazing to deal with when messaging - will def shop through them again!

Elizabeth Moretti

The quality of these beautiful products is outstanding, they feel so amazing on my skin. I love my rose quartz eye mask it feels so good on and instantly de puffs my eyes and makes me feel fantastic. The heart shape Gua Sha is a great facial sculpture and works wonders on my morning puffiness.

Kirsty Newman

The products I have received from Self Amour are just amazing! My daughters love being involved in my skin care routine now and we spend time every night using these products together. I suggest having somewhere to display them because they are too pretty to put away.

Michelle Browne


OMG!! What a beautiful eye mask, absolutely love it. It is beautifully crafted and so pretty. I am a 50 yr old woman going through menopause and a messy divorce so sleep has not been my friend therefore the cracks are appearing. I have only used this beautiful mask for a short time and can already see the difference in the reduction of puffiness and dark circles around my eyes, i have a glow and my face feels smoother and more radiant.