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Our Founder

In my early teens, my mom's comments about my appearance and academic performance left a lasting impact. She told me I wasn't pretty due to my flat nose and questioned my future because of my grades. This experience deeply hurt and haunted me.

As a result, I battled with low self-esteem and a lack of confidence. Insecurity became my constant companion, and I even considered getting a nose job before college, believing it would boost my self-worth, even though deep down, I knew it wouldn't.

Little did I know that this journey would ultimately lead me to self-discovery and the understanding that true beauty and worth come from within.

Glad You Are Here

At SelfAmour, our story began with a simple yet profound realization: the journey of self-love is one that not only belongs to us but to countless women like us. These are women who are on a quest to rediscover their worth, to rewrite their narratives, and to unleash the fierce, confident individuals they've always aspired to be.

Our brand is dedicated to empowering women through beauty and wellness, fostering an environment where they can pause, rejuvenate, and reinvent themselves. Our overarching mission is to redefine the conventional notions of beauty, inspiring women to believe that they can achieve anything and everything they set their minds to.

Guided by the potent properties of rose quartz crystals—symbols of self-love, harmony, and self-healing—we craft moments of tranquility and mindfulness, moments that you, our cherished community, genuinely deserve.

To us, beauty isn't solely about appearances; it's about embracing the confidence that radiates from within. We're deeply grateful that you've chosen to embark on your self-love journey with us, and we eagerly anticipate the many chapters that lie ahead. Welcome to SelfAmour, where self-love knows no bounds, and your empowerment is our purpose.

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