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How soon will my order ship out?

If Stock is available (please check listings for details), all orders are usually shipped within the next 24hours. (Usually 8am-12pm the next day). If you have purchased multiple items that include a pre-order item, it will be dispatched when the pre-order item is available in stock. Please check your shipping address and items before checking out. Since orders are processed very quickly, please let us know as soon as possible as it may not be possible to edit or change orders once they are dispatched.

What should I avoid doing with my Gua Sha?

- Avoid droping cause nothing can save your stone then.
- Avoid gua sha-ing when you break out.

Can I use Gua Sha while being pregnant?

Absolutely! In fact, self-care mumma with the propery of rose quartz crystals is highly recommended.

What should I expect in terms of packaging?

People say you have to choose between one or another: eco but not pretty packaging, or pretty but non eco packaging. We respectfuly disagree. Your order will come in a ECO and PRETTY packaging

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