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Therapy for the Overthinking Soul

Therapy for the Overthinking Soul


Hey fellow overthinker! So, check it – I've got this ankle tattoo shouting "let's go" at me every day, giving me the memo to chill on the overthinking. But hey, navigating life's twists and turns sometimes needs extra skills, right? Why am I spilling my thoughts to you? Well, my mission this year is to turn overthinking into my partner in crime, not my enemy. If you're on this overthinking rollercoaster with me, no worries. We just need some training – you know, like hitting the gym but for our brains. The more we practice, the stronger we get.

1. Carve out 'overthinking' time:

Now, what's eating at you? Jot it down and set a worry period – like 30 minutes. It's like scheduling a date with your thoughts. Let it all out on paper, no judgments. Now, here's the kicker: highlight the stuff you can handle and dive into a brainstorming sesh. For those out of your control (cue unpredictable reactions), tell 'em to cool it until your next worry date. It's like putting your brain through school to worry only during its designated hours. Takes a bit of practice, but soon you'll be the maestro of your worries!

2. Flip the 'What Ifs':

Caught yourself in the "What if I did this instead of that?" loop? Time to break free! Turn those 'what ifs' into 'if thens.' What's your game plan if the worst happens? Having a battle plan is like having a secret weapon against overthinking. Remind yourself you did your best with the info you had at the time.

3. Positive Vibes Only

Boss giving you the side-eye? You said something you think you shouldn't have said during a work conversation or meeting? Guess what? They probably ain't thinking about you right now; they're too busy thinking about themselves. So, stop stressing about what people think about what you said or how you reacted in a certain situation. You are a human after all. If they have a good impression of you over a period of time, small things do not matter. If they don't have or judge you for whatever reasons while you are a good human with value and standards? that's their problems, baby!

4. Overthink in Style:

Surprise, surprise – overthinking can be stylish. Imagine meditation, reading, and walks as your golden tickets to Chill City. And guess what? Face masks aren't just for your skin; they're your superhero cape against decision-induced stress. Rule your kingdom with radiant skin and a regal attitude. Pro tip: Make these chill activities a routine to keep stress at bay. When life gets wild, a face mask might just be your secret weapon.

5. Circle of Controls:

Grab a notepad, jot down what you can and can't control – the circle of controls. Add some proof of times you've slayed something and owned it. Reflecting on your victories is like the overthinking antidote. It's a confidence boost and a reminder that you've got this.

Remember, if stress is knocking you over, spill the beans to someone you trust. Keeping it all inside? Not our style. Have a chat with a friend, family member, or therapist (but hey, therapists cost a dime, so consider it if you've got the cash). Btw, it's completely okay to overthink stuff some times. You just have to cheer on your accomplishments more than what you think you have done 'wrong'.

So, let's ride the overthinking wave but add a bit of finesse, a splash of style, and a ton of positive vibes. Here's to making overthinking our sidekick, not the boss!

Stay fab,

Lien @SelfAmour xx

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