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Lien Pham

When I was in my early teens, my mum told me that I needed to be modest about my appearance. She directly told me that I wasn’t pretty because my nose was flat. Sometime after, I found out that she believed there was no future for me. Unsurprisingly, this left me with the relentless and soul-destroying belief that I was not good enough.
I battled for so long, obsessed with the idea of ‘fixing’ my physical ‘flaws’. At the time, I didn’t understand how wrong I was.

I’m pleased to say that there’s a silver lining in this raincloud. During my journey into adulthood, I managed to change my thinking and embark on the journey to ‘self-amour’; meaning ‘self-love’.

Our rose quartz products are so much more than the physical benefits they offer. They are a tool to facilitate the incredible power of the mind. We design these products to encourage women to spend time, each day, on themselves and their journey to self-love. We want them to become, unapologetically, themselves. We chose rose quartz products for the incredible benefits they have on the physical self, but they represent something much more. They are the catalyst for a woman to spend time on herself, to tune in mentally and spiritually.

After all, the ‘glow up’ is an inside job.

The Glow Up is in an inside job!

We believe in the power of the Mind! How Rose Quartz Eye Mask helps you in your self-love journey

Our rose quartz eye mask not only has a positive impact on you physically, mentally but also spiritually. This mask is perfect for enhancing your meditation practice, or become part of a ritual for you to reaffirm the positive affirmations in your mind. Combining with the self-love energetics, our natural quartz eye mask will last a lifetime. 


Our Mission

  • Self Amour is passionate about helping women re-discover themselves, and journey to a destination of complete self-love.
  • We believe that women are inherently divine, and should strive to find peace in being, unapologetically, themselves.
  • We, as a company, pride ourselves on delivering high quality products that not only fullfill the physical benefits they claim to, but facilitate women to set aside time to tune in with, and nurture their souls.
    In the words of Norah Ephron; “Be the heroine of your own life.”
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